Tighter or biggger spreads

Can someone explain to me what is meant by ““tighter”” or smaller spreads? the smaler the spreads the better. Is this true for me intraday trading on a $1000 equity

Can some one recommend a broker with smaller spreads for me_ if ever its an davantage

Tighter spreads just means the spread between two currency pairs is smaller relative to either another currency pair or the same currency pair from another broker.

For example, Broker A offers a 2 pip spread for EUR/USD, but a 4 pip spread for GBP/USD. EUR/USD has a “tighter spread” than GBP/USD


Broker A offers a 3 pip spread for USD/JPY, but Broker B offers a 1 pip spread for USD/JPY. Broker B offers a “tighter spread” for the USD/JPY pair than Broker A.