Time to change my lifestyle

My Name is Tumelo im from South Africa, i love forex because itc changes peoples live style. I also need forex so that i can transform mt current situation me and family. My last hope is forex

You will need to change your mindset. While FX traders can make profits most lose their capital within weeks. Once you learn how to trade proficiently - and that could take months of serious hard work minimum, there’s still no guarantees.

Prepare yourself for the reality, and ignore social media marketing ploys - that’s a fantasy.


Forex can change your life if you can make a good trading strategy.

Forex is the most profitable business in this world.

But it takes time to learn and understand the market.

I agree with Steve. Many people are having a wrong perception of the forex market. It is no doubt life changing , however, not for all. Only those who have the right knowledge and patient enough to test their strategies in the demo account with great discipline before going live can survive in the market. This market doesnt work on pure luck.

My thoughts go out to you if you are in SA right now.

Of course the media always hype up the negative but things certainly don’t look good there

However us speculators always have to keep any eye out for opportunities - so it will be interesting to see how the price of gold is going to react to all the problems with one of the worlds largest gold producers

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