Time to get serious

Hi Everyone,

I’m completley new here, been getting Mentored by a guy who trades for a living. Been doing really well on Demo and now its time to put my money on the market and see if I can produce the goods when it counts.

This is mainly to keep a track of myself financially and emotionally.

Only trading on minimum account until I get confident with putting money on it.

If I’m doing something incorrect in the forum just let me know, will post results if anyone is interested.

Feedback is welcome as I have never done this sort of thing before.

cheers Eagles(EE)

Ok here is my first trade for the week

All times are in GMT as the platform I use is CMC

First entry for the night (I live in the land of OZ(Australia)),
Entered on the 07:23 candle (short) price1.9953/56 as all indicators lined up, stuck in trendlines one at 42 degrees and one at 63 degrees using a stop loss of 1.9960/63 as this was the first hot spot indicated by the charts.

Exit was the break of the 63 degree trendline which was the open of the 10:00 candle (and must admit I’m still shaking at this stage knowing that I’m out of the trade) which was 1.9928/31 netting a profit of 29 pips.

Only traded 6,000 pound which is around $144 Aussie, so only made enough to go to McDonalds but its a start.

Must remian centered and not let excitement take control and get ready for New York Open.

What a buzz cheers Eagles(EE)

Feel free to post in the five levels thread. I’m interested to know what level you are on.

Good work on the positive result. :cool:

Day two trade two

Entered at 1.9910/13 as all the indicators on the 3 and 1 minute charts lined up at a hotspot.

Put in Trendlines, first at 39 degrees and second at 78 degrees and followed price down until it retraced and broke first trendline but decided to stay in as the indicators on the 15 minute chart still said short (not to self listen to hypnosis cds again as I noticed fear of loss and possibly greed coming into this trade).

Another note to self “don’t set dinner dates to close to trading periods as I feel pressured to close this trade and get ready” probably going to get killed but this stuff is addictive.

Exited the trade on the 09:24 candle because of time and guilt at 1.9887/90 which gave me 20 pips for the night.

So far the total for two trades is 49 pips, still alot of work to do as my mind was all over the place. Just lucky tonight I guess.

Anyhow have to run as I’m probably going to be alittle late.

Cheers Eagles(EE)

test to see if working yet

cant seem to post what I want to post

Sorry but it wont let me post trading results for some reason.

Made 73 pips last night.