Well, there are no “open” charts as I’m not watching them. I open the trade, set the stop-loss and close the platform. With long-term stuff I check back every 4 or 5 hours to see if anything startling has occurred, but I take the best cues from the daily charts so it would be unusual to be making any decisions until the overnight period - between the NY close and the London open.

Hello, I’m currently into trading and not sure which is the best time to trade since i’ve just just started and not sure of the time frame.

If you have just started go through the education section here on Babypips.
Any and all time frames are conductive to trading, but to pick one you need a certain strategy in mind, and to pick a strategy you need to know more about trading to begin with.

Extracted this 2017 post. For those seeing this start substituting wide stoploss placement to avoid noise with @PanchoVilla84 advice. Strong Price action will allow a technical trader to employ a tight s/l

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