Tips For My Fellow Newcomers

Greetings, to all my fellow newcomers. I would just like to offer a study tip for those of us going through Pip academy. While navigating through the courses, you may find it helpful to engage in quizzes first. By engaging in quizzes you may find your strengths and weaknesses in each lesson :blush: :thinking:.


Welcome! Yeah, the quizzes will tell you if you really understand the lessons. :sweat_smile: Enjoy and good luck with the School!

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Thank you so much :blush:, please feel free to leave any more tips as myself and others continue to embark upon this journey.

I’ll have to give the quizzes a try haven’t done them yet.

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Good day, I hope that you have given the quizzes a try. I have more tips if you would like to further discuss, and best of luck on your journey :blush:.