Tips in Gold Investment

  1. Be able to distinguish between credible and illegal brokers. Choosing a compliant broker is crucial for your assets safety, and WikiFX App offers investors comprehensive information of a broker’s compliance, regulation and credibility.
    2.Think rationally. Learning the basics in gold and forex and staying clear-headed will be helpful for your investment.
    3.Practise in mock-trading accounts. Many regulated brokers such as Hirose Financial offer free virtual trading accounts online for investors, make good use of these.
    4.Keep a good attitude. Do not lose heart even if your trading doesn’t go as smoothly as you expected at first, stick to a good attitude and don’t be too obsessed with either successes or failures.

Swing trading is my main trading style for gold trading; I basically use daily support/resistant & my price action trading knowledge! That’s all!

how many pips you can earn form swing trading style when trading in gold ?

Buddy; I don’t know his answer but as I see; there nothing like fixed answer! It depends on many parameters! Whatever; the target will be healthy since; it’s a long term trading style!

In fact, it all depends on the amount of money that you are willing to invest in gold. If you have less than 10 thousand dollars in your hands, I do not advise you to count on substantial income in the short term. To make money on gold, you must invest more than 10 000 dollars. However, I am not a supporter of working with gold reserves. Yes, it is pretty safe, but at the same time, it is possible to invest this amount of money in more profitable fields.

to be honest I would like to start gold trading

investment in gold is a very good option and it has been for decades now. just make sure you chose the right entry points and don’t expect a good return in short term give it a little time to grow.