To close or not to close

Hi to all.
1st post so be gentle with me. Thanks to everyone concerned for a great site.
As a complete Forex newbie (pip-school graduate and two weeks of demo trading) I am unsure when to close a trade. Should I be taking pips when I get them, 5-10 here, 10-20 there, until I reach my target or should I be letting my trades run?
I see +20 positions evaporate and get stopped out but also see my early exits go on to 50/60+ winners!
Damned if I do, damned if I don’t I guess. Any advise would be much appreciated.


make it part of youor plan, either have a set profit target anad close the position aftet that, or try trailing your stop.

It is always better to try and have more reward verses your risk, but you have to make judgement on when to exit. Say for instance bad news release.


You are the reason I have started the “lets do an experiment” post. Knowing when to get in and out is even more important than your system. You have to have an exit stragety befor you get in and have no regrets as to what happens.