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My name is Amos from Nigeria… Still a newbies totally stranger to FX… infact just started babypip last week… Was introduced by a friend on FB… I have been willing and also striving to learn Fx… I lost $100 to a scam just to learn Fx it was really sad… But that doesn’t put me down, I have to strive and start on my toes again… Because I really need this çhallenge in this life… I really have a great Mindset for Fx… Even though I lost 100 thousand times, I will never give up… Please :pray: any tips to help me up my learning… I will be grateful… Any advice from Experience trader I will be willing to oblige by it please… it’s a must to learn FX… Thank you for goin thru the post of mine…

Well, educate yourself on this site first of all. Forget social media marketing hype, that’s fantasyland. You must understand and accept that you WILL lose money, as does every trader - so it’s critical that you gain experience to enable you to minimise these losses - and to stand a chance of making FX trading successful for you.

best of luck.

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Hi Amos, and welcome,

Start by asking yourself why it is a must to learn FX, set yourself a target of what FX will achieve for you over a set timeframe, then look at whether there are other options open to you besides Forex trading that could also allow you to achieve that target.

Be prepared to spend a few thousand hours studying and practising Forex trading before knowing that you are continuously successful. Then compare that with the estimated effort required of the other options you have thought about.


Thanks :pray: sir i will really look into that aspect

YouTube is a great place to learn for free, also make sure that you back test on TradingView and open a demo account before going live.

Don’t trust other people, just trust your judgement. Good luck.

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