Tools for Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis Tools
These are the most popular tools of fundamental analysis. They focus on earnings, growth, and value in the market. For convenience, I have broken them into separate articles. Each article discusses related ratios. There are links in each article to the other articles and back to this article.

The articles are:

  1. Earnings per Share � EPS
  2. Price to Earnings Ratio � P/E
  3. Projected Earning Growth � PEG
  4. Price to Sales � P/S
  5. Price to Book � P/B
  6. Dividend Payout Ratio
  7. Dividend Yield
  8. Book Value
  9. Return on Equity

To get a more detailed explanation of each, please visit:

These terms are really very much used in trading and I am very thankful for this link and for this forum for an informative chat. :slight_smile:

Hey geline… those terms are great, but more for equities. In forex it is very beneficial to know how to analyze macroeconomics. So, take the time to learn more about a nations economy and its relationship to other nations economies. Learn about employment reports, Gross domestic product, inflation, interest rates, housing and energy markets, etc…terms like these will help you greatly in forex trading

I agree with Pipcrawler. These terms are made more for stocks.

Good point, pipcrawler and now I know factors to be considered in learning FX and I never thought that it is actually learning about the economies of nations and relationships. Gotta read more :slight_smile: Thanks.

Thanks for the link, I was looking for this kind of information.

Nice info is shared here, thanks.