Top 10 myths about forex

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actually Forex is an addiction , there is none who can avoid Forex even after having much losses , i have seen lots of traders who already make so many losses from there but still doing trade.


I think a big myth out there is that Forex is a scam, and that all brokers are there to cheat you.

many brokers are scammers it is unfortunate.

If one is pragmatic and rational in approach, trading can be quite lucrative. Following reliable news services for financial information also helps. And it’s so important to steer clear of fake promises, guaranteeing to triple your money in no time.


This post is very interesting. I am new to forex trading so I just wanted to get an overview of it.

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Top 10 Myths About Forex

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Hi Jess,
I just wanted to thank you as an admin for preserving the content of the Golden Rules I had listed from another source. Since writing it I have referred to it on this forum twice already. As I continue to use BabyPips I find its historic content very valuable.