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Hello guys,

I am going to post all trade ideas I see on the chart… hmm mainly from long term charts 1hr or above. Well, I am not that perfect trader, but I do this to track my trading performance in PIPs as well.

We can start If you do not mind.

Long EURUSD 1.3787 initial Target 1.3797
Long EURJPY 168.65 initial Target 168.90
Long USDJPY 122.33 initial Target 122.50

Opened these 3 trades.

Closed EURUSD, and letting USDJPY and EURJPY long run. targets 122.70, 169 respectively.

and opened Short EURCAD 1.4377 with target 1.4362

also a swing trader can short EURGBP safely with target .6700-.6710 :slight_smile:

EURCHF long is next in line but I am patient until day closes :slight_smile:

Net p/l -10 pips :slight_smile:
I am poooor

Long EURCHF with target 1.6600 today :))

im poor too
good luck

Closed eurgbp with +17 performed well!
But stopped out eurjpy and usdjpy for almost 60 pips loss. Horrible!

Net -53 pips! :slight_smile:
Well, too fast to judge hehe.

New orders.

Shorting 5000units .50$pip position GBPUSD 2.0535
TP 2.0400 no stoploss willing to increase my shorts as it goes up daily charts at extremes!!

Shorting 5000units .50$pip position AUDUSD 0.8780
TP 0.8740 no stoploss

Close EURCHF at breakeven… its hanging around 70 area now, although I see good potential of longs, but according to my rules, safer exit.

So net is still -53 lost pips.

BTW I never increase my pip value higher than 0.25$ or 0.50$ in high probability cases. this is to afford losses

Closed GBPUSD at 2.0507 for total of +28 pips
I also closed my AUDUSD short in Asia session with +10… that’s +38 on both.

Net -15 pips p/l

Actually, I will dedicate a thread for trading signals, in long-term forum and short-term forum.