Totally new to trading

Hi. My name is Nick and I stumbled on forex while looking into trading stocks. I have 0 experience with either. I got tired of my savings account earning next to no interest. I work full time so I don’t think I day trade. Looking more towards swing trading. Looking at price action and I just started a demo account. Love the school on here. Taught me a lot.

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welcome and good luck on your journey, your defo in the right place to learn from experienced traders

Welcome into forex dude, I sure you will do well if You’ve been into stocks. Good luck on the journey

welcome to baby pips Forum , if you want to acquire real trading experience , of course you have chosen the right community , just be active in here and feel free to ask any kinds of question.

have a good journey , don’t try to learn trading within a very short time , be patience and keep focus when learning and trading.

sounds good , from pips school you taught a lot , by the way when using a demo account this knowledge actually works ?

I hope so. Right now I would have blown my first account if it were live

Thanks. I plan on demo trading for a while. I’m learning everyday.

Psychology of school + a demo account =
the minimum result when kick off a live account .

how are you all ? i have come back after a long time in this Forum. hope , everything is going good.

hope, everything is going good may be , do not try to make something within very short time , there is no short cut in Forex trading , mind it.

I’m not. Plan on demo trading for a while. Then start small and work ar it. I know that success will come with risk and money management.

How do you mean?

Hi Nick, happy trading

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Hi All, i am brand NEW but really eager to learn Forex and get some side income going on!