Trade set ups chat!

Watching with interest but I think it going down myself…

Yeah this looks good for the sell off here. Would think the fundamentals may even help it at the moment.

Appears to have slowed which is a positive for looking at a reversal. Waiting game now. Looks to have rallied a bit today.

This pair surely has to turn around soon, when it does I’ll be buying.

I see it coming down to the 119.250 mark before a turn around

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Thanks for the analysis. I’ll keep an eye on this pair, but will be sitting on the side line for now… I don’t have much confidence in the Euro at the moment.

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Thanks. I’m watching no sign of a turnaround yet.

It appears to have bottomed out , waiting for clear direction

I don’t think too many of us do !

Was a strong resistance level before makes sense

Good pull back on the daily today could be a good sign?

always find this to be a weird pair

Glad to see others also joining this thread with their analysis too.

I’m just going to watch this pair and see what happens when the markets open. A lot uncertainty thanks to the coronavirus ATM and things seem to be changing daily.


After closing out short term positions I am still maintaining lower risk long term positions in this pair as I believe the Swiss franc will fundamentally need to be curbed long term! The attack on the 200MA was met with resistance on the 4h chart today and the pair has pushed lower again but we will see how this pans out over the course of the week. The lower range could be months in the running but I doubt it will take that long before the CHF needs to be brought under control.

I’m looking to scale out of the long term trade after seeing how price reacts to the 1.08380 level and will be trading price action intra day.



Rising markets in the downtrend are set to converge with the downward channel, the 1.29800 resistance level and the 4hr ma.

Keep your eyes peeled for sell opportunities!


Some good analysis, cheers bud. Will be looking for sell opportunities on gbpusd.

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also waiting with anticipation… time to sell for sure.

Looking for an entry ATM, should of got on this sooner. Nvm can’t catch them all.

Waiting for a bounce off the upper channel for a Sell too