Trade Signals- Clean Format

I done this previously had some positive overall success but what I found is I talked to much explaining reasoning

This time I will leave a clear depiction of profit v loss on day and week with no explanation unless asked otherwise

This will make it easier for you the observer to follow along

Wish me luck (Not that it exists) :call_me_hand:

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Interesting. :smiley: Hahaha. I mean, I’ve always loved reading other people’s reasonings behind their trades so I might ask every now and then. :sweat_smile: But good luuuuck! :smiley: Hope this is another success!

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Sell Limit @ 3800

Stop @ 3811

1st target @ 3771

Reduce stop to breakeven- Allow a free trade

Trade fully closed @ 3780

20 Handles // 100 ticks profit :white_check_mark:

Always good to start off with a win :sunglasses:


Sell Limit 3753.25

Stop: 3770.00

No trade offered- price ran before tripping sell

Can be happy with direction but no trade taken

Back to the side-lines till tomorrow :sleeping:


Sell @ 12070.00

Stop @ 12152.00

Target @ 12021.00

Close Trade @ 12040.00 :white_check_mark:


Sell @ 30938

Stop @ 31000

Target @ 30860

Stop Taken

Losing trade :x: