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Hey guys, my name is Alan. I own The equity traders and I am looking forward to interacting with you guys here to learn more about what you struggling with, how you trading, introducing my blog and videos.

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Hi Alan,
Welcome to BabyPips. I look forward to learning what theequitytraders does and how you may help forum members.
What does theequitytraders do?
What is their unique selling point (USP) that differentiates them from any other provider of similar services?
What is theequity traders’ vision, goals, objectives and results to date against objectives?

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Hi there “Mondeoman”

I have been a trader for over 5 years, and in doing so been thru the quick wins and the consistent losses and blowing accounts. I have managed to figure this Forex ride out and in doing so, I intend to give back and as such I created this website theequitytraders .com to be able to teach how to trade like I wish I was taught. I have seen hundreds of videos, websites and the likes and well, they just did not teach what I wish I was taught from the beginning.

So, what do The Equity Traders do:

Firstly, we are traders, we trade the markets using over 750 instruments to trade. Further, we offer free resources like indicators, strategies, books and PDF’s, most importantly, we want to teach the beginner how to trade, and then refresh and even teach new stuff to intermediate or advanced traders. As we are retail traders, we have learnt to trade with the Institutional traders.

What makes us different:

At The Equity Traders, we have realised the retail traders seem to trade in the wrong direction of the market, we have found that most beginners seem to fill their charts with indicators and they keep trying to make a million in 1 week as opposed to understanding, this is an income supplement until the account grows and you consistently make profit to be a full time trader.

We have thru our strategy and the teachings of successful traders realised we need to trade with the “big” traders, the “Market Makers” the guys that actually move the candlesticks. Our teachings are all about 1, learn how to trade 2, don’t learn bad habits 3, trade with the Market makers

So, to recap, we are different because we don’t teach retail strategies, we teach winning strategies

Our vision at The Equity Traders is to get regular content going on the website, interact with traders on your Blog, and provide videos and the like on how to succeed at trading. Our goal is to get 100 traders onto our Broker site trading consistently with us to be profitable.

Results are that we have started this journey and relatively new in the promoting and have worked with a few in terms of mentorships, and have been encouraged to go national which is what we have done.

We hope to offer fellow peeps information on trading, information on questions, constructive training and constructive solutions. We encourage visitations to our site and would like to refer peeps to the site for solution driven answer and training.

Thank you for the great opportunity to be a part of your business



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Checked out your site - interesting.

Of course you are sticking your head out on this forum, the moment a mentor charges a fee (I’m assuming you have to pay for the mentorship program) then all sorts of alarm bells start going off

It will be fun to read the thread as it develops and the ‘if you can trade why are you charging a fee?’ like comments

I do question this whole learn to trade like a market maker thesis though because market makers are generally not directional traders - at least that’s my take.

I would have thought the money that moved the candles as you suggest are deep pocket traders, or smart money.

I guess that can be a market maker but it need not be.

Also I question (more like cringe) at the suggestion you don’t teach retail strategies you teach winning strategies.

Hmm. That’s the sort of thing retail system vendor would say

There is nothing wrong with retail strategies except the retailers who trade them!!!

Are you saying retail traders cant make money with the likes of break out or trend following systems?

With that out the way I wish you well in helping to skool da yuff when it comes to trading

I do agree that for whatever reason retailers are taken to the cleaners far too much - and successful traders need to step up and give back any way they can



Hi there

Thank you so much for the interesting response, great to see we have real people on this Blog.

Thank you for the compliment on our site, it is relatively new and we intend to put post up per day, so new content will flow as we go.

In my introduction, I never said I charge a fee, so relax the alarm bells; after all, this is a Blog site not a mentorship charge site right, we intend to yes promote our site, but also, for free, give advice and give suggestions on trading. I mentor people for a fee should they wish to join the mentorship program on the site which involves a whole different approach to replying to questions or assisting and supporting traders on this Blog.

Yes, you are correct, the traders that move the market have deep pockets, and I am talking of traders who can place a minimum of 100 lots at a time and place a few of these types of trades. The “Smart” money is Asset Manager / Institutional Traders, these traders comprise of Pension funds, Endowments, Insurance companies and mutual funds. Smart money, this is called the buy side of the market as you know and they generally look for liquidity in the market to make these big moves. Maybe refer to my post on Market Sentiment to read who moves the market and who are the “Market Makers”.

Please understand, a general opinion by us is that Retail traders in general are being smacked by the MM and this is because the liquidity in the market is determined to drive the market, so if every retail trader had to sell Gold, and two MM bought Gold, who would win? We feel the manipulation of the MM is heartless, the MM and the Brokers manipulate the market to make a profit, and they do this with liquidity, this is why allot of think the market is rigged right. So, if we trade with the MM, we will more be right than wrong is my opinion and in my personal trading experience, I have found this to be the case, hence my train of thought in this direction. How often have you placed a trade and the market just whipsaws in the opposite direction? Let’s talk more on this topic, I might convince you yet.

Retail trading is the basis, they do make money, I have no doubt, and I am merely trying to teach liquidity / stop hunt turns, patterns and the like which encourage contrarian views to crowd sentiment trading ideas.

Thank you for the well wishes and yes, we encourage more conversation from you because not only does it make us think, replies give you food for thought, but the readers will get all perspectives and we hope they too communicate in this regard.

So it’s Friday, retail traders, watch the mid-day UK session whipsaws holding your trades for the weekend encouraging swap fees. Check the market structure and see where the Smart money is going.

Have a good restful weekend all.



Thank you for the timely and detailed response - its great that you are going to be doing this for free.

You will avoid many of the disgruntled comments from newbies who expect it all for no charge.

I do take issue with one point you make - how many times have you been whipsawed out of a trade by a broker?

Hmm…never oh maybe once and I got a refund.

I have been whipsawed out of the market more times than I care to remember - but that’s just the market - occupational hazard.

But I rarely trade intra day at least not on silly 5 minute charts for sure.

Whipsaw (whether through nefarious means or not) simply doesnt happen that much if you know where to place stops and how to move them

And to blame your broker everytime I lose is not a road I want to travel down.

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Brokers are not “Smart Money” traders; they can and do manipulate trades on their platforms and this is a fact. I am not saying they whipsaw, the MM perform whipsaw moves in order to gain liquidity. If I explained it incorrectly, sorry you misunderstood.

Lol, occupational hazard, answer me this then, why did it whipsaw so many times for you?

There are various types of traders, some scalpers like the 5 minutes and it takes big emotions to trade like that, I am a day trader and yes, if do occasional swing or intraday depending on the trend.

Change in direction of the market is on a daily hourly basis, whatever we like to call is, trend change, retracement, whipsaw etc all have different reasons, I mean, no market runs in a straight line. I fully agree, trading with no proper risk management is just shooting your account with loss and no success can be derived from that.

Blaming the broker is the last resort, they never told you to buy or sell, they never told you where to put TP or SL, so yes, I fully agree with you.

Allow me to generalise here

No matter what strategy you use, always ensure the rules include proper risk management, be it a 5 min or 4 hour strategy. The strategy must have rules and confirmations, rules like, if the moving averages cross and the second candle closes higher than the previous candle, we go long, we put our SL below the previous peak formation low and the TP on the next resistance level or last peak formation high. Confirmations like trend direction, market structure and maybe an indicator or oscillator confirming direction is a good confirmation.

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You have my vote because you answered all my questions and those from @Johnscott31 too. We have both “been around here for a while”, he more than me. Please continue to post and beware there are still some trolls here - not really many but they do pop up from time to time to try to derail even the most useful of contributors.

Best of luck with it. I have added to follow.


Intrigued. Your website is promising. The bait tastes! :smiley:

The words there echo deep in my own thoughts - could this be?


Hey Alan, good to have you here. Just like any other trader, I also studied forex trading to understand what it is all about and what are my possible options. After learning, I opened my demo account to test the trading platforms that I read about and went live after gaining some confidence.

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Hi there

Thank you for taking the time and the effort to visit my site, read my replies and be intrigued, I just hope that I can get your replies and comments on more and that the content on the site keeps you going. I will look out for comments on the site too

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Hi there

Thank you for the kind welcome, was a bit nervous to come on here, but, seems the people including you are great.

Well, I lost my job and was forced to do something, I have all the degrees and qualifications, but, in South Africa, skin colour gets you employed, although, with 45% unemployment in the country, I doubt even that is a factor. So yes, I also went thru allot of trauma before I got to this stage. Read more in the about me page on my site theequitytraders .com

I hope that we can share results and experience and what works and not, the market changes daily and I so wish people would read or study more relevant stuff as it evolves weekly. The history of the price charts is about the only historic data worth looking at.

I will look for comments and the like on the site and in my posts from you.

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Hi Alan, glad to see more active people here, I am a beginner trader from Bulgaria, but I am not yet profitable due to lack of knowledge. I would like to learn way more but I have lack of fund for paying mentors. Do You help people out without a compensation? just to know.
I have set up a very very small account by a broker, but after a month I was already down with 30 percent. I work with tp and sl . other wise I should have lost everything. I know the basics but there it stops. I would like to know all about trading without indicators, pure reading the candles on the chart, with trendlines and support and resistance and for example just 1 moving average 200. there are so much questions, can I count on you? thanks a lot in advance, I will visit your website. Lucimilena