TraderFX65 $100 Challenge

Hi, My name is Habibur and that i have listed the FX markets for many years off and on. slightly over a year agone, I empty well-nigh $100.00 from my FXCM account and determined to challenge myself to require the account to one thing substantial. I set no schedule and no “goal” as way as what I needed to show this $100 account into. I simply needed to check if I may follow a group of commerce rules for associate degree extended amount of your time and see wherever it leads.

I’ve seen several traders post on forums over the years that they’re getting to conceive to flip “X” greenbacks into “X” greenbacks over “X” amount of your time…99% of them fade away when a couple of weeks or months. i made a decision to attend one full year before obtaining active on a number of the forums I lurk on, simply just in case I fell flat on my face!

This is additional a journey to find out regarding myself. this can be regarding patience, purpose and discipline. It’s regarding learning my strengths and weakness as a monger and an individual. to date it had been attention-grabbing and that i have learned quite bit!

In this thread i will be able to begin to post my results daily in order that anyone interested will follow on. My information is additionally on simply a fast rationalization for people who have an interest in following from “Day 1”

  1. I started with $100 on Nov twenty one, 2011. I switched to associate degree FXCM small account in March 2012. sadly I don’t have a trade history for that amount to place on myfxbook. however at that point i used to be +44%

  2. The account peaked in August twenty, 2012 at $821.00…this was a 721% gain. Wooo hooo!

  3. I had a hr Doctor of Divinity from that time :(, taking the balance to $328.00 i ended commerce on Sep twenty one 2012, that Doctor of Divinity cooked my brain and that i got very busy with my “real job”.

  4. I took associate degree eight month shutdown from commerce. I came back with the most goal of keeping DD’s below twenty fifth. I understand this may slow my rate of growth, however capital preservation has to come back initial.

  5. I resumed commerce on could fourteen, 2013 with the balance at $328.00, the account is presently at regarding $550.00, the account is up regarding sixty seven since I started back

  6. to date gamma hydroxybutyrate Doctor of Divinity has been contained to regarding V-day…this is the goal.

A couple months agone I met Nick McDonald at via his live commerce area. i used to be invited by Nick to become a forum moderator, that i used to be terribly flattered by. Since that point I even have been terribly active on his forum, if you would like to find out additional regarding American state you’ll be able to verify Nick’s forum. i will be posting my daily trades here on DonnaForex, however it’ll be an excessive amount of to post everything I post at Nick’s web site on all the forums i’m a member of. i will simply be posting a journal here at DonnaForex.

Here is wherever I stand when twelve full months of trading:

408% overall gain
721% peak high
2 - hr draw downs

I typically place 4-5 trades each day and post them as I shut them out. i’m generally in Nicks live chat, however not forever. Anyhow, thought some could notice this attention-grabbing. cannot wait to check wherever succeeding twelve months takes this challenge!

Happy Trading!