Traders block!

I just got some investors money! (not much)
Now I can’t trade! I’m sure I’ll be OK tomorrow,
But trading my money was easy
It gives a whole different meaning when it’s someone else’s
Damn psychological rubbish!

I’m taking tonight off,
just chill out with a few beers!

Are you worry to lose other’s money or confident to make profit by using other’s money?

I think it’s loosing it, even though it’s a small amount and I made them fully aware that I could loose it all,
I suppose all my boasting I could do better that the 3% they got in 18 months with a mutual fund!!!
Well to be honest, i’m pretty sure I can!

I have traded Some now, small unit sizes though as I am breaking myself in gently to the new balance!

Good luck :slight_smile:

you just need to relax, trade the best way you can, and follow through with the boasting, errrrr i mean the promise :wink:

Ask the Genius in the corner of the room:

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Good luck. Trading other people’s money is a completely different world from trading just your own :slight_smile: