Trader's Expo

Hello all,

I was just at the Trader’s Expo in New York City the past few days. It was my first time attending.

I must say it was an interesting experience, I got to hear a lot of different trading approaches and ideas, learn a number of things, and reinforce preexisting knowledge. If there’s one big takeaway from it all, it seems that there are many different ways to skin the cat when it comes to approaching the markets - so many that it will make your head spin!

Some advice for anyone attending the expo for the first time, like I just did:

  1. Come there with the firm attitude that you will not buy anything, except maybe a book or two. Don’t fall for the “special one time offer, 80% discount today” nonsense.

  2. Raffles have very low probabilities. You are just contributing your email and phone number to someone’s list in most cases. Only play the game if there are less than 12 people in the room (that’s exactly when I won).

  3. Select the seminars you want to attend, and have a backup in mind in case your speaker cancels.

  4. Be wary of topics that say “Make $1000 in 15 minutes a day”.

  5. If the speaker says the following, leave the room and go to your “back-up” presentation:

“We can make you a millionaire.”
“One of our clients had a 1000% return in just one day!”
“I went from being a total loser in trading to a big winner when I started using this software…”
“Our proprietary system…”
“Our signal service…”
“I am doing this primarily because I like to help people…”

  1. If the presentation you want to be at will be available in webinar form later on, go to the presentations that you want to attend and won’t be on webinar later.

  2. Remember, if a brokerage or a futures exchange is sponsoring a trading instructor, you will hear only about intraday 5 minute chart scalping strategies. See if you can figure out why…

  3. Pack some sandwiches with you. Times square delis are expensive and so is the food they serve there.

  4. Like in a casino, there is no place to sit unless you are in a lecture room or at a vendor’s presentation booth. Just be ready for that.

  5. Get into events that you really want to get into early (the “live trading” events are popular). Leave the other event earlier if you need to - the end is usually raffles and marketing pap.

  6. If there is an interesting speaker, even if you have no questions yourself, stay afterward and listen to the others having their questions answered. You can gain a lot that way and feel better when someone else asks the “stupid” question on your mind.

  7. Realize that the majority of traders there are the 90% that don’t make it, so be careful when asking for advice.

  8. If you want to see any of the big name traders that are doing the pay seminars, do yourself a favor. With the money you would spend on their seminar, buy their books, put the rest into your trading account, and do a few searches on the internet to find their interviews and articles. They won’t drop any secret golden nuggets into your pocket just because you paid for their seminar - they’re just going to re-iterate what they say in their already freely available information, and maybe just do some current market analysis or share a strategy idea with you.

  9. Waste as little time as possible at the booths, spend maximal time at the presentations. Never sacrifice presentation time for booth time.

  10. Bring a notebook and take notes during presentations, like you were in a classroom. Note and underline ideas that you like. Otherwise it will be in one ear and out the other.

  11. Be prepared to get up early. Presentations begin at 7:30 or 8 am.

It was a good time for me. And now I have to rest because my head is pounding with information :eek:

Thanks for the heads up with that. I think the point about paid seminars is noteworthy for many people new to trading.

Buying the books and funding your account with the leftovers is a great way to learn from those same people without paying ****loads of cash you could use in better places haha. Great post thanks.

Excellent advice Tony! :slight_smile:

My advice would be just not to bother.

Sound advice Tony, thanks.

Best Regards,
Matt Jones .

I disagree, as much as you’ll have to encounter the marketing hype.

The traders who are speaking are in many cases people who’ve made it beyond the failure rate. They may not be the best traders out there, but they do have a number of interesting ideas to offer and I think its a great idea to get different perspectives, get some new insights, and the ability to ask questions. That is why seasoned traders attend those events as well as rookies.

Thanks for the info

Forgot a good moment from one of the CME events:

“Thank you all for coming, and I’d like to say on behalf of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, we do very much appreciate your business” (Audience laughter, unintended by the speaker I’m sure…)