Tradetimes 15min with zoom, or 1hr?

Well Im just about finished with pipschool.

It’s been great. I just have a quick question about timeframes.

In the school it tells you to choose 3 timeframes. Use the first to trade off of but always confirm the long trend with the other two.

Now I am using’s platform which is excellent, and it has a zoom feature.

The normal view for 15 min when zoomed looks just like the 1hr. frame. And the normal view for 1hr looks like the 4hr or more and so on.

So am I supposed to trade off the normal, look at the zoom for the long trend, and look at the other 2 normal and with zoom?

It’s just a little confusing with the zoom thrown in there.

It seems to me that I could easily just use two timeframes (15min and 1hrs) + the zoom feature (which brings me back 15 days with the 1hr timeframe) and easily see where the market is going.

I hope someone understands what Im getting at.

I appreciate the help.

Mike Lewthwaite

If your going to demo then you need to keep a few things in mind.

  1. demo like it is YOUR money. Dont do things with the demo that you would not do live. If this is a problem then open a demo and just do all the crazy stupid things that you know are wrong. Get it out of your system.

  2. Open a demo with the amount that you plan on going live with. It is usless to demo trade with a $50,000 account if you only have $500 to start with.

  3. Don’t go live untill you have:
    a: Your own system.
    b: At least 3 months of profits in a row.blem with

  4. Try at least 5 different brokers.

  5. Highly suggested to use a broker that has the mt4 platform.

I have tryed and do not like them because the charting indicators are vary limited unless you have a balance of at least $1000 and every time you shut four computer off you lose all of your charts.

The only problem with mt4 platforms is that you have to leave your computer on all the time, because if you shut it down your t/s will not be activated.