Trading as a parent to a newborn baby... (video)


I hope that you got a good sleep last night, it may be the last that you’ll get for a while.

Thanks Baz!

Enjoying this ‘tropical’ (15C) sunshine we

are getting :wink:

I hope you survived the children’s party :wink:

Congratulations, Francesco!

Now you’ll have to change your screen-name to PipMyNappy :18:


Hahahahaha Brilliant :slight_smile:

Thanks, Clint :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I wish you and the other family members all the best :slight_smile: Hopefully you can enjoy the coming 20-30 years with kids in your house!

I was wondering if I could trade well as a student (I’m almost trough the school of pipsology, only part of the undergraduate and graduation to go. And then it’ll come…

Now I see that you can handle trading with kids (or others say they can) I shouldn’t worry about the little time I have available I think… we’ll see the coming months :slight_smile:

Oh, and once again: congratulations! :smiley:

Hello Gugakip,

I am sure you will :slight_smile:

Thanks for the congratulations…

I used to trade daily with a system but

on top of a full-time job it was causing

me a lot of anxiety, so I switched to

long-term, investor-style trading,

holding few positions over many months.

How far are you in the BabyPips School?

Congratulations to you and the new born, now your house is going to be full of joy with a new life in your home.

Thank you, Tonyro!

What joyful words from you!

I am drinking champagne and watching my

daughter sleeping…

Celebrating a new life :slight_smile:

I’m undergraduate, only the MT4 course left in the junior year, then senior year and I’ll be able to move on to the graduation… It’s exciting, being so close to the demo trading… I’ve no idea what trading system I’ll develop or if I could use someone else’s to start with and adapt it to my lifestyle. I think I’ll be going with the 1/4h or even daily charts, I’m only wondering if fees for keeping my positions open over night won’t eat too much of the profits, but time and excersise will tell!

I’m glad you enjoy being a parent now! Beautiful memories will be made, I’m sure :slight_smile: