Trading community

Hi guys, I have a question about joining a trading community. Is this something you guys could recommend? If yes, wich one and why?

Do a google search for trading groups or communities in your local area. I did this prior to Covid, and was staggered to find the largest trading group in Manchester UK had 995 members. I joined, attended three of their monthly meets, and am waiting patiently to see if physical meetings are reinstated now that restrictions have eased. I very much enjoyed attending and my younger son came with me coz he has an interest in Forex, but has not started in earnest. Some of us like to go it alone, some of us like to learn in groups. I am happy to try both. For sure many good trading ideas come from communities and for me, the physical face to face meetings are difficult to replicate even on video conferences.

Try “forex trading groups in my area” and go from there

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Will do, thank you!

I used to be a member of several trader groups. I learned more from discussions with a couple of members in particular than I did in hours of reading books and websites. Partly because these traders were in the UK, where I am, and much of the trading resources and materials available is aimed at US traders.

Of course, we’re all looking at the same forex and index charts and a chart is multi-lingual, but detailed tactics that can actually be used in practice are vital. Face to face meetings with other traders like me helped me so much.


Good to be here. I want to know the best broker I can trade with.