Trading Competition Anyone?

Hey K, not to be a hard guy, but I really don’t see the point, also MFB is notorious for allowing shall we say, less than accurate reporting at times, then there is PhotoShop et al. Anyway, I am a believer in certified accounts as opposed to screen shots, as a true measure. So see you on the flip side.

The Ever Certified Or It Didn’t Happen VIPER

I think MyFxBook is awesome, but thats just my opinion. I am a stastics nut and what those developers did is amazing.

All that aside, anyone who is mentioning prize pools or using independently verified firms to verify trading statements is completely missing the spirit of this post and should either re-read the first post or simply move on.

Nothing has changed for anyone that is wondering. There will be no prize pools, traders will use Forex brokers that link to MyFxBook, and there is a10k account size requirement. Multiple 10k accounts are allowed if you want to test various trading methods. Its all in the first post.

Ok I’m ready to join then!