Trading forex on your computer

when you use a broker on your computer to trade forex, does it take up a lot of RAM and/or memory in your laptop? i need answers asap.

Your selected broker should be able to tell you the min. technical requirements for their platform but its a good idea to test out different platforms using demo accounts to see which respond fastest and are most stable. Also which are easier / more intuitive for you personally.

Many sites seem to suggest 8Gb RAM is the minimum you should try.

I use a 4GB and 500gb intel laptop and works perfectly

Usually not really that heavy, but it probably depends on your broker’s platform. Some of them offer a minimum requirement which can be pretty good. You will have to try the demo and see how it performs and the way you are expecting it to perform.

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any computer or laptop can be used for online trading even though it is with low configuration , but it would be great if your computer with high ram minimum 4-8 GB.

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my laptop is very old version and RAM only 2 GB, still good going . i dont think so about the logic you have done, thanks

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ok but what if my computer is 4 gb of ram? will i be able to trade?

Yes. Get on with it.

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