Trading GBP crosses on terror NEWS

Hey just wanted some incite on if anyone plans to trade the British GBP on the “opening bell” . On all previous terror news, it always seems to fall. It unfortunate what happened, however there is a window of opportunity on the GBP/USD and GBP/JPY, which are currently overbrought on my 4 hour charts and this news could be their breaking point to trigger a large sell off…Am I right in this deduction? or should I just wait until this blows over.

If your on a demo then play your hunch, thats the way we learn right? However, you have to be there on the opening bell or you will miss your move. But if it does come down hard it will most likely recover in the next few days to weeks. So if you are watching close you might catch both the down ride and the up swing recovery.

Too much of a risk (high risk with a low potential). Wouldn’t trade it as it wasn’t a real market mover. Demo trade it for fun.

you guys are probably right. I have been working on a system for some time, and it dosent show any buy or sell signals for these pairs just yet…so i’ll just demo trade this news.