Trading in New Zealand`

Im new to Forex and I live in New Zealand. I’ve been through the babypips lessons in when to trade but I’m still unclear what would be best for NZ time zone. at the moment I’m testing things out on my demo account and get on for an hour in the morning and around 7-9 in the evening. looks like a lot happens when I’m sleeping. any suggestion appriciated.

Forex is a good place to earn , but newcomers always fall a great trouble when they try to bring profit with no learning. they should focus on learning first.

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There is no easy solution for those trading the Asian session. I live in Chiang Mai (BST +6), and I’ve found - after many months of recording - my morning strategy works best on Wednesdays and Fridays, but if I wait around until close to the London session opening it works best on Mondays and Thursdays. Tuesdays, for me, are mostly losing days whatever session I trade.

And as the London session is the largest in volume, there will be many more opportunities arising. So I would suggest you try and trade that time zone, and keep a record of wins/losses per day for at least three months.

As for the NY session, which is the second largest - I never trade that as I need my 8 hours sleep to awake fresh for the Asian session.

best of luck.

the demo account can be the good place to acquire good knowledge and experience , but i have seen the traders we have dont believe the importance of this trading place at all.

Tokyo trading session should be best for you because trading hours overlap with daily business hours in NZ and it’s good for trading performance as trading at night can have more mistakes due to fatigue and decrease of mental energy.