Trading Journal Template

Hello everyone.
I am new to Forex and see the need of a good trading journal to study at a later time my trading in its glory and faults. Does anyone know of a finished trading journal e.g for Microsoft Excel or will I have to make it myself.

If I need to make it myself any tips for what I need to include of informations in the trading journal. (e.g. indicators in use and their values at entry and exit +++)

my broker interbankfx keeps a log of your trades and emails a daily confirmation and monthly statement. Im pretty sure you can even add a comment to your trade so you will know why you made the trade. Its format is basically a spreadsheet. Id show you a screenshot but its kind of personal. I hope this info is helpful, John

Thank you for your reply, Johnnykanoo. :slight_smile: I appreciate the need for confidentiality of your account for public insight. Could you please share what parameters is stated in the report. Entry price, exit price, pips, p/l amount etc…

Would it not be helpfull to state more to document the strategy, indicator status (e.g. Stochastic value or other used indicators) In that way this will be a helpful resource for developing your future trading ability learning from your mistakes and profiting trading ideas.

The best way to keep a journal is using a spreadsheet (like MS EXCEL). There you may keep track of your equity, % win, average win and loss and so on.
Don’t forget that if you cannot measure your success you cannot improve it.