Trading live forex

Is this forum full of only beginers…???
We need more experienced traders to come in and motivate us. If all of us are beginer who is going to motivate the others…
I think it is time for experienced ones to come and give us a starting point .
We need more motivation than threats from failed traders and losers

It is because they cant be bothered with the threats from failed traders and losers.

They kind of know better that they will end up getting flamed or labelled as a scammer or something.

What you end up with is the blind trying to lead the blind while the experienced traders just get on with it in private.

Then you have to ask yourself, why should they give all their hard earned knowledge, time and effort away for free if they have something worth more than that?

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There are more experienced traders on here I believe. thats the impression I get from other threads I have seen


Im a fairly new trader however making some money along the way aswell, The key thing for me is im learning new things every day.


It time for babypips owners to come everyday with a new topic in the forum for us to discuss

If we are ll beginers nobody is going to motivate the other since we all know the school of pipsology with no experience in live trading…

so many experienced traders in here , i admit it with certainly , but you got anything from there that could make you profitable when trading practically?

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I have not traded in a live account but i have been learning on babypips for almost 4 months
I know some chart patterns indicators and other type of analysis fundamental sentment and many moree

Not entirely true…The only person who can change your fortunes is YOU…you have to be willing to learn, be willing to take the down days with the good days and enjoy the journey you are embarking on…Only YOU are in control of your future no one else.


Ooh waaao…!!!what a beautiful message …thanks family and stay winning and motivated

This is the number one Forex community; so surely experience traders are here! So, go ahead.

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I can see them posting things here and i would like to see more posts from them

This is one of the best forex forums available right now. The reasons is: this forum has been organizing guidelines and Babypips School for the new babies so that beginners can receive support from the professionals. And yes, you can check the threads of experienced one.

Yes they are and surely they will be! Don’t forget to use the search box. Happy learning.

What are your questions?

Hmmm…to a certain extend what u said are true…however i am one who is bored and come in here to more or less help the clueless who are willing to put in their own efforts and not expect it to be easy n get rich instantly.