Trading on Binance

How do we trade on Binance?

Binance is losing trust from trust . you can downloads the app from platy store first of all should verify your account. you can check on YouTube tutorial.

i always avoid Binance. do you know the last hacking issue that was happened before last couple of days ?

The exchange is not bad, but now there are more reliable competitors.

They do have a beginner’s guide page.

You can also check YouTube if you want a tutorial about a specific topic.

yes , this is a perfect solution for this topic. thanks for nice share.

Binance will always have hack attempts as it’s a massive exchange. What is impressive is how quickly they deal with them. Head to their website and there are tutorials. In terms of how to trade crypto, the learn crypto tab at the top will be helpful!

And what is the peculiarity of working with this particular broker? Heard a lot about him.