Trading Over The Festive Period

It’s something that I’ve been wondering for a week or so now so posting this is saving me from the tragedy to music & television that is The X-Factor Final.

I got blindsided a wee bit by how little movement there was in the EUR/USD a few Mondays ago. Luckily I made mon£y but it wasn’t until afterwards that I found out that this was because it was the Monday after Thanks Giving.

Now I’m wondering what trading is like over the Christmas period? I’m guessing on the big public holiday days the market is quiet with big spreads but what about the other days? Eg is it worth avoiding the market from the 20th - 5th or can the days be categorised in to yes, no & maybe?

Personally I don’t plan on trading; Christmas is the perfect excuse for taking a proper holiday in which I’ll be doing absolutely zilch. However, my curious nature just wonders these random things so any information or opinions that anyone can share will be greatly appreciated.

I hope everyone had a good w/end & I wish you some cracking trades for the forth-coming week.

Peace out Cheese Dawgs!

Lucky you …i`m having to endure the torture of x factor

Personally I will finish up on the 21st and return on the 7th

Maybe this will ease your suffering, I thought it was brilliant, the resemblance is uncanny.

Hey you guys!!!

I prefer not to trade during Xmas or newyear…not available due to parties so trading takes a backseat on these two days.