Trading sources to stay up to date

How do you stay up to date on market news and trends, and what resources do you find most helpful for staying informed?

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Hi JRB48, my personal choice would be tradingeconomics (news/economic calendar/forecast), bloomberg (news), reuters (news). While for trends in a currency pair i just look at the daily charts.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

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during news i generally use Fx factory economic Calendar , from a long time i have been using this platform , still sounds good

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One helpful source is the articles on our website, Forex Market News -


I only follow forex factory to keep up with economic events and their timings.
As far as resources, the best resource is a good trading system that backs up your trading strategy.

Everything is already priced in, news is irrelevant for anything other than being used by the central banks and smart money as a smokescreen for manual interventions in currencies, etc. (a/k/a Manipulation)

Trading systems are fairly easy to create. I wrote a whole e-book about how to do it, with charts and examples. Step by step outline to building a trading system that works with any strategy or model.

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Hey Toshiro, thanks a lot for the tips! I appreciate your suggestions and I’m definitely gonna check out TradingEconomics, Bloomberg, and Reuters for my news fix. And you’re right, daily charts are usually the way to go for checking trends in a currency pair. Thanks again for your help, you’re awesome!

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Thanks for the tips! I’ll check out Forex Factory for economic events. And yeah, a solid trading system is crucial. Your take on news and manipulation is interesting. Your e-book sounds cool - I’m in! Thanks again for the advice, you rock!

Thanks! I’ll check out Forex Market News on

Great! Is there any particular article or topic that you would recommend for me to start with on Forex Market News?

I’m really grateful for your help - thanks a ton! By the way, what’s your take on the current market conditions and where do you see the biggest opportunities or risks right now?