Trading strategy Doubts

hello community traders

I have a doubt and I cannot sleep with this babypips tells me to have a unique trading strategy for a newbie and to do a backtesting but I see that later I see that there are chartist patterns shoulder head shoulder, triangles and other figures

and then I tell myself and what strategy am I going to use with so many things

any recommendation please, advise thanks

Helloooo! :blush: I feel youuu. :sob: I also had so much trouble trying to choose a strategy for me. :open_mouth: But I tried out the HLHB system here, because I thought it was pretty simple and would work well for a newbie like me then. :sweat_smile: I’ve tried a few more strategies since but it might be helpful to start with one that’s already been tested by an experienced trader here. :blush:

If you wanna check it out. :blush:

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I must put time aside to look at this strategy. Thank you.

Some chart patterns take multiple bars on your chosen time-frame to develop. This means you get lots of time to plan an entry and stop-loss level, for example with a head-and-shoulders that takes 30 or 40 or 50 bars before you get an entry signal but it isn’t getting you anywhere fast in either development or profit-making.

Maybe look for simpler, more common, shorter development objective patterns using candlestick formations?

Remember the simplest chart pattern is a trend. Don’t lose sight of these.


I think it’ll be hard to come up with your own trading strategy right off the bat. I follow @tommor here and he’s always had great tips for simple strategies you can try. :slight_smile:

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