Trading the news

Do any of you have experience trading the news? How do you do it? Do you have any tips how this can be done?

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If you’re a beginner, it is advisable to avoid trading the news as slippage will be a factor you won’t be able to avoid… so even if you set a stop loss for 20pips for example, it could end up being executed at 50pips or even higher–>larger unexpected losses!

news trading is very much complicated issue above all for for the beginners level. in that time really difficult to predict the market with certainly.

This trading option turned out to be quite difficult for me. In my opinion, this also requires certain knowledge and skills, otherwise the result will not be the most positive.

trading during news of course is a complicated issue because in that time market movements very fast than others time and if you have not enough fundamental knowledge its more appropriate to leave , otherwise the result from trading could be dangerous.

when i trade during news , always try to follow Fx Factory economic calendar , its informative and supportive to bring profit with certainly in news trading. ( its my own opinion. )

Maybe try watching how the markets reacts on key events first, before actually trading the events, might guide you. Or on demo, do what you like.

News events, in my experience, mean different things to different traders. Expectation can me met just like the last release, but the market reacts in the opposite fashion.

Best bet is to follow along the market commentary and analysis beforehand, and then during, and after, to better understand how the news was perceived.

It’s tough!