Trading the Time Bracket

This market is very uncertain. So, you should always be careful.

Have you followed our signal? The market moved strongly

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Time Bracket of today [Tue - 23 Nov] started @ 4:00 gmt and will last 13 hours to 17:00 gmt, As of now, none of the three pairs is showing any signs of big movements ahead, but keep watching, if no big spikes happen in the next 2 hours, the three pairs will probably stay in range for the remaining time until the bracket closes, (17:00 gmt). Any big spikes after 9:00 gmt should not be followed.

anyone who has taken positions in USD/JPY & EUR/USD please keep holding until bracket closes (17:00 gmt)

Wed - Nov 24…you can short USD/JPY taking advantage of the down trend. you only have 4 hours, Bracket closes 9:00 gmt. wait for new signal after

you can reverse your position in USD/JPY to long and hold it until 14:00 gmt

A time bracket has opened now 16:00 gmt, take long positions in EUR, GBP. and look for USD/JPY to trend lower but take the trade after 17:00 and USD/JPY has confirmed the move downward. All positions must be closed just before 22:00 gmt

Our prediction for the three major pairs today Thu - 25 Nov is that we see no big movements all day until 20:00 gmt. a good scalping opportunity in USD/JPY is present.

Today Fri - Nov 26 . The time bracket of today starts now and will last until 22:00 gmt, no major movements expected in USD/JPY, but keep watching the EUR as it is expected to trend lower today. any trends beginning around 8:00 gmt in EUR and GBP should be followed and will last all day

Please follow GBP, EUR trend upwards and hold until market closes 22:00 gmt. please stay away from USD/JPY for now

Mon 29-Nov : Time Bracket of today opens on 1:00 gmt and will last 6 hours to 7:00 gmt, any spikes around 2:00 gmt can be followed untill time bracket closes.

Please follow GBP, EUR spike upward and hold until 16:00 gmt

you can close all positions now, and wait for new signal

GBP is expected to continue its movement lower in the new time period 16:00 to 01:00 GMT, open small sell position in GBP and add to it as it continues to trend lower for the next 8 to 9 hrs.

You can reverse your position in GBP to long after 1:00 GMT, and hold until 10:00 GMT Tue 30 Nov

Opportunity to sell USD/JPY and hold until 10:00 gmt

Opportunity to buy EUR/USD and hold until 10:00 gmt

Please be prepared to reverse all of your open positions in all three pairs (GBP, EUR, JPY) at 10:00 gmt

you can take sell positions in GBP, EUR and - buy USD/JPY for the time period 10:00 – 18:00 gmt