Trading the Trend with Strong Weak Analysis

Our Strong Weak rankings is based on mid term trend (33 days) long term trends can take place over months, this is why I have advise in the past if our SW Trend is counter to the long term you should be quicker to take profits

Crazy days on the market. I’m resting a bit from forex and trading major indices, since the big correction finally came, but now that the market may start buying the dip let’s look closely this nice EURUSD.

It seems a good one for me. Close to the 20 daily ema, strong downtrend and markets crashing in europe. What concerns me is those huge bullish candles at the US opening. They happened on the 21, 24 and 25 February, very clear on the 4H chart.

I will wait and see, but I’m with Dennis. It seems like our NZD from days ago.

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EURUSD has retreated to a SR level which can be seen back in 2015. I am waiting for a rejection of this level, 1.09, for adding to the position.

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Those who stayed in the NZDUSD* trade continue to be rewarded, overall the FOREX market is not having anything like the correction we see in stocks.

While most of the blame for the stock market is going to the CoronaVirus, I sill wonder if the possibility of a President Bernie Sanders is playing into this stock selloff




Or perhaps it is because Trump dismantled the CDC?

Yeah the heavy buying was at 14:00 on my chart each day. Is that some coordinated action to move price to a certain level? Looks like it to me …

Most probably it’s the bleeding that we are seeing on the US equities market. Today I confirmed, SP down, dollar down, EURUSD up all the time. Now that’s annoying after that huge green candle, a suivre

We have a new Top SW Trade NZDCHF*

You could easily make a case for any of the top five matched to the bottom two as a good trade

Coronavirus news is killing stocks, Currency trading looks much safer right now



If you want to buy the dip, that’s risky, but shorting a few Nasdaq and SP500 after reading all the signs wasn’t so risky, and paid me nicely those last trading days.

Now what became risky is my eurusd trade. In one day we went from -0,89 % to 0,16% SW spread. How come the euro became a buying while the eurozone is suffering?

No matter what system or method you trade, always bear in mind the sentiment of crowd. As at today, over 60% (source of retail traders are short on the EURUSD so the market makers will keep taking EURUSD prices up… it can be really that simple sometimes to explain …but what do I know ? I was long EURUSD yesterday and long EURCHF today both with huge wins…

And the USD slips below the waves for the time being… Called it a week ago…

This Black Swan Event just shows as much as things change… they remain the same.

CHF and JPY are still the safe haven currencies they always where, and the AUD and the NZD get dropped like hot potatoes when the excrement hits the fan… just play money for the markets.

From your source the crowd were also buying AUDUSD by 82%. Why didn’t you sell AUDUSD as per your not following the crowd strategy and following the market movers. It’s actually not that simple mate!

For sure if the majority of retail traders are short the market will go up, but I don’t think it’s a market manipulation at this level. Spreads, quotes and bad brokers yes, but change the market like that no…

I think this is the dollar falling following the major indexes and,more importantly, the market expecting 2 or 3 rate cuts from the FED this year. Check the dollar index, we were almost at 100!

Now AUD and NZD and indexes taught a valuable lesson. In times of crisis like that, open a trade a let it open, don’t take profits no matter how many digits they are!!! Instead of a 3 digits, you may wake up one day and don’t belieave your eyes when seing a 4 digits blue number on MT4. :joy::joy:
It can always get worse and you never know where the bottom is.

You have made some valid points here, but on profit taking, I will differ, I take profits regularly when I hit H4 H4 support or resistance, depending on my trade direction. INCREASE my equity and then wait for a retracement and then rejoin the trend. I tell any one who cares to listen " You will never go broke taking profits off the your broker "

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why? the audusd should have been on everyones radar who follows this thread. its a bonus that the crowd is buying. it is that easy.

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This is a Coronavirus panic market, AUD and NZD are the most closely tied to China so they are taking the biggest hit


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Just watching the “Shorters” being hacked into by the LP’s midway through the Asian session.

Will be interesting to see what happens when the real market sentiment gets out of bed later today…

Possibly more of the same? May be too hard to resist all that directional momentum to Buy into…

Did they cure the Coronavirus, in stocks we saw a big reversal on Friday and follow-through today, anyway the markets are crazy and make no sense so be careful here



When Fed cuts rates and the Market sells off is never a good thing, Our SW rankings are spot on as to what to trade if you decide to trade just remember any news can have these markets reversing



This says it all