Trading the Trend with Strong Weak Analysis

Thanks, so you will go long as well, it just depends on what is 1 and what is 8?

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that depends on the pair, going long current #1 Yen requires going short

The market continues its back and forth movement, Friday was down, today was up, does that mean tomorrow will be down? It is anyone’s guess


Number 1 predictor of the fx long term direction: CONTRARIAN!!!

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AUDJPY is heavily longed by the retail therefore their stop losses are on the short side which translates to food for stop loss hunting by the Big Players who are the ones who move the markets.

Just watch a few fx contrarian vids on youtube and you’re sold, pun intented

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you will find this one helpful bro

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Dow jumps nearly 650 points, erasing last week’s losses as investors shake off omicron worries

Santa Claus rally is GO GO GO

Contrarians have gone into hiding for now.

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Good Old level trade. USDCAD

Quick trade on GBPCAD from a level in September :slight_smile:

We will see, last week of November into the first week of December are normally down weeks ahead of the Santa rally, we seem to be heading in that direction, but we have a news driven market that can turn on a dime based on the next headline

I am not sure why but I cannot upload my rankings, so here is the order hand-typed

another up day for most Yen pairs, top trade AUDJPY has completely reversed its move, so I hope you locked in profits


update: Look at my post 5176-7 bro,l i did the contrarian analysis and AUDJPY flipped today, so more retailers are shorting it hence it’s going up @BCShaf

Yen pairs were up again today but US stock rally looks like it is running out of steam and that will affect the Yen pair rally



Can you clarify this please?

Which is the decider; the long short condition or the percentage?

For instance, if EURUSD is 95% Long and 5% Short, is the assignment still EUR +1 Strength Unit and USD get -1 Strength Unit?

In that case, take no notice of the strength percentage, only the Long vs Short condition.


Question on the Sentiment, when 85% of traders are Long, then we should be Short, correct?

That is the current situation for GBPAUD

So to me, that means most traders are contrarians; they are trying to do the opposite of price but in fact, being a part of the majority herd they are in the wrong; your thoughts.

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Another one to watch, Dennis has NZD as the weakest, 91% of traders are Long NZDCAD, is it Time to Sell?

Most traders try to catch tops and bottoms, but the reality is there’s a much better chance of a trend continuation than of a reversal.

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In future, probably not a good idea to relate to Post 1381.

The post is poor and he sounds angry.

Just a thought.

Poor post. Explains little and comes over the wrong way.

After reading previous posts it does not make much sense. I can only ask again why the JPY is the one that you use your calculations for?

Thank you