Trading the Trend with Strong Weak Analysis

No where to hide, energy, this year’s safe haven is now looking at its biggest one-month drop since March 2020

US markets closed today, no change in rank order


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Mostly green day, stocks are in a mild rally, Strong Weak top trades USDJPY, CADJPY and CHFJPY are killing it again



our yen trades just keep going, if you are not making money in this market then you will never make money trading FOREX



No problem, I’m with you


A mixed day, oil was down 6% at one point but has recovered and could be signaling a reversal and heading back up after a two-week correction, Top Trade CHFJPY is up 5 days in a row, and on its way to a 6 week win streak


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Our mixed day turned mostly red by days end, Top Trade CHFJPY continues to make us money



I have attached an indicator that will automatically calculate the distance to 200 sma on H4 divided by price.

Saves quite a bit of time in preparing the table entries.

Unfortunately Babypips won’t let me upload the mq4 file. Maybe someone knows a workaround.


Note: I will be traveling on Thursday and will likely not be posting an update

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Advanced warning from standard mt4 momentum indicator.

Half off at 100 pips, rest to BE + 5.

Could have saved myself some money.

Thanks to Trendswithbenefits.

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can you email me??

Maybe someone knows a workaround.

Supported file types:

(jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, svg, tiff, raw, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pps, pptx, ppsx, pdf, zip, rar, tar, tgz, gz, tbz2, bz2, 7z, tpl, txt, csv, ex4, ex5, fxh, hts, mql)

Take the mq4 and the ex4 file and ZIP them together

Super Simple Stuff

Or make a copy so as not to confuse yourself, change the extension to " .txt " and upload that

With an instruction for users to change it back to " .mq4 "

On Edit:

Make a ZIP file

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Thanks for your help!

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I’m seeing only 1 number which appears to be the pip distance, is that right?

And looks like the JPY pairs need a multiple factor in the formula


The number you see is the distance to 200 sma H4 divided by price. It goes straight into the table.

It is the third (lowest) number on my usdjpy chart above.

:rofl: My mistake, I was looking at other pairs, DOH

So the other 2 numbers don’t show?

And it has to be on 4 Hour or Daily chart?


The other 2 numbers don’t show.

It is on the 4 hour chart, because that is what Dennis uses.

Happy to help… I put forward these concepts to educate less experienced traders…

Also have a look at extending the CCI/RSI/Money Flow Indicators by smoothing the periods and adding high’s and low’s… Effectively converting them from OB / OS Indicators into Momentum Indicators.

I only had the SMA200 and Price Level displayed on the chart to show the formula…
It is better to have it displayed away from chart operations so you can be sure of the accuracy.

I use the Ctrader Platform… Sorry, I cannot help with the MT4/5 Indicators…

Good to see some adopting the additional trend verification strategy.

Edit: (+15 Hours)
Another rule that Dennis applied early on to his strategy was only trade the pairs that have a 2% or greater variation. I apply this loosely when trading within the Matrix.

To show how this should be taken into account, I’ll demonstrate an example from the 22/6 SWA Rankings…

(See Above) The GBP (3.08%) had crossed above the NZD (2.57%) on the 22nd June… A Buy opportunity on the GBPNZD… Momentum was wanning but still positive…

I opened a Long position (1.952 level) on this pair only to be caught in constant whipsawing on the 2 and 4 hour timeframes…

So now you see a trade that has effectively failed, I still have the position open… But it ties up crucial margin and SWAP while you are waiting for the position to confirm a direction… (1.958 level close…)

As of the 23/06 the GBP has weakened by 0.96% and the NZD has decreased by 0.98%… So this pair has effectively been ranging for 24 hours even though a cross was confirmed by the SWA Strategy.

Take note of the percentage values… Going up or down and a pairs difference from Dennis’s data…

Apologies for such a long winded explanation. :zipper_mouth_face:




Please how can I get your Momentum Indicator on the cTrader platform?