Trading usa indices

its interesting the disparity between Nasdaq and Dow / US 500 lately even more so last few days

I think that this will only change in a big way.

sorry what do you mean

The past weeks rotation into financials/retail vs tech/biotech has been very interesting and might be giving us a clue as to what’s ahead. In general growth has been everything and value has been unable to rally. I think we need to see a few more up days for banks to determine if they are on solid footing. A pullback in tech and a move higher in financials makes sense based on where we have come from.

yes the tec still hovering around the same levels for last 10 days as it approaches record highs again.more data through quarters might change the picture again

The correlation between German Dax30 and SP500 is also ineresting-If you open both charts real-time high correlation is visible-SP is often frontrunning, so you can hop in a position DAX30 when the badger is slower.
Well, its typical for badgers, that they are not the fastest guys… :laughing:

mmmmmm interesting

I like badgers but something bothers me

If S&P500 was the first to move maybe this is because it was the first choice of some big and smart money. Then why to go and put your money where their second choice is :slight_smile:

In other words why to bet on the badger if there is a cheetah

Cheetah-thats good! I mean I observed that sometimes it leads to a profitable trade if you go long DAX when SP moved up while DAX was still standing.( it’s a question of seconds and just a few pips). If you enter position long that moment DAX is lagging, the odds are good that DAX will close up to SP next seconds and you make a pip or more, while SP stopped in the mean time moving further.