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Hi all, When changing time frames ‘Trading View’ is there a way to fix the piont on the chart to stay the same.

Lets say I look back two weeks. Then switch from a DAY chart to a 5 MIN chart. TR make the chart disapear. It takes a while to zoom around to find that place again.

So far I have used the calender search (botom of screen) to find the day I was looking at again. Its still a bit slow. Is there a way to make it stick, staying centraly when switching.

Thanks for any help.


Why not draw a vertical line or rectangle shape with a color that stands out? Maybe a thick yellow line or rectangle in dark mode?

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Yes good tip. I had tried this. Still working on the best methord if anyone has anymore ideas. I have typing numbers on keyboard changes timezone too - For instance 120 for two hours. Sometime it jumps around still, takes some scrolling to find origanl zone of interest.

The best way (as far as I know) this can work is by using layouts, top right above your watchlist. You can have simultaneously the same symbol with two different timeframes or more. The drawback is you need to have a paid plan instead of the free one.

Thank you. I’ll give that a good. Guess I could open a new window tab too. with two differnt timeframes.

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Seriously, change your background color to black, and then use a yellow horizontal line to find a specific time. You can also use the brush tool to draw rectangles for supply and demand zones, support and resistance, make them a standout color, and boom, you can find your place super fast.

My background is black and I mark charts with boxes and highlighted areas.

Maybe my question wasn’t worded clearly.

My fixes so far: Use the ‘Bar reply’ tool - If looking back in time say a couple of weeks. Otherwise switching time frames will jump you around. Sometimes it jumps back to the present day. Bar’s reply fixes this.

Use more than one monitor. Or use a second browser tab. Seriously!

Well think about what you’re trying to do. My TV chart with my screen size is showing 276 candles on the daily TF.

If I switch to 5 min, with 276 candles, that’s not even 24 hours of data able to show. If you start at the daily, how does TV know what 5 min bar you want to look at? You’re going to have to scroll. Unless you start at the 5 min, make your mark whatever it is, and then go to the daily.