Trading with Anxiety

And some self-control will help you get through it in a better way.

It takes time but you will gradually get over it.

I believe that in your situation, you don’t have to worry much about your emotional state. It is quite reasonable that you are nervous and afraid. It all goes with wholesale and time. The main thing for you now is to decide for yourself what exactly causes your fear. If the problem is a possible failure, then reconfigure yourself, take good luck on the contrary with the positive and as a new experience. And as you have written before, you have situations when you are completely relaxed. In this case, analyze why you are so calm, and perhaps you will find the key to your balance in trading.

Trading with anxiety or with any other emotions leads to not the best consequences. It is especially common for beginners who are very worried about losses. Therefore, I always advise beginners to open a demo account or trade with small deposits in order to get used to losses and calculate risks more cold-bloodedly.

there is no way to control emotions completely, because its very common human nature , you just have to try always maintain it by means of meditation and practice.

I think that, as humans, it is impossible for us to completely detach emotions from trading as long as there is real money involved. However, formulating a solid trading plan and maintaining a journal to track progress helps in controlling emotions to some extent.

It look like you just type this for me.:point_up:

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Aw, it’s a problem many traders have sometimes, myself included.

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I know, emotions!!

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True, haha.
I generally am a pretty anxious person, and the current pandemic is not helping it at all. Trading hasn’t been easy in recent months. :frowning:

I can understand and you are not alone.

This is very interesting and can be very helpful. Thank you for sharing this.

Trading psychology is a very important matter. If your psychology is not right at the time of trading, the result of your trade will not be good. I have seen many traders trade with anger over-trading. As a result, their investment is empty. Trading is a complete psychiatric game. If your mindset is not right here, then you can not be profitable by trading. So if you trade properly in psychology, you will see that the trade and the results are getting better.

Trading anxiety affects all Forex traders at some point. When your mind is filled with too much emotion, you may struggle to clear your mind and focus on the factors associated with your trades. If you are in this situation, take a deep breath and stay away for a while. Use this time to collect your thoughts and separate the emotions that can obscure your decisions.

People are an emotional race. Trading Psychology is important for trading. If you participate in trading with anger and depression, the trading results are not good. Human psychology is not always the same. It is constantly changing. If you have trading psychology, you will not be able to make a good analysis. Many colors of psychology can be seen in people.

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Totally agree. The feeling you got sitting at home made me anxious as well and affected my trading a bit.

I think all of us have experienced that more or less.
The only thing that has helped me is meditate and a positive outlook.

I’m fine with sitting at home, it’s when one of us has to go out that I get nervous.

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People that already have underlying psychiatric issues, and then use hard drugs, tend to go off the deep end in a fast way.

We do have some or the other problems and that can lead us into doing such type of trading that actually results in a loss. We need to learn and become Positive.