Trading with No Leverage

Hello. Is it possible make 80%+ profit yearly trading with no leverage?
And how? Because even when we use all balance for trade we need daily 30+ pips for gaining 80%+ yearly. And it is risky because we use all the balance and we need even in these conditions 30+ pips. If you have any ideas please just comment. Thank you.

Leverage is needed for small capital. Those who have knowledge, and skill and enough capital 50-80% profit yearly is possible with no leverage or small leverage.

If your investment is too low you can not make quick money without leverage. If you have proper knowledge about the market, you can make money by using leverage.

Its possible yes… But it depends on many factors as trend, volatility and lucky , if you newbie (:

For trading without leverage you need a lot of capital. Also you can not use all your capital in trades. You have to test it yourself to find out if 80% is achievable or not. I think here all traders use leverage.

I asked it for the future. When the capital will be huge amount brokerages won’t allow using leverage.