TradingView Desktop Beta

Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong category, but TradingView has released a beta desktop trading app which I think some may be interested in knowing about.

Curious to know what others think about it so far if you’ve downloaded it.

It’s a nice to have when I have to shut down Chrome browser because it hogs up gigs of memory and cripples my computer. How about you?

Id agree with you, especially when having multiple pairs open at the same time I’ve found it very smooth and fast thus far. Keeps a tidy workflow as well since I like to have some news sites open on Chrome when using multiple monitors.

I also read about the TradingView beta launch of the TradingView Desktop platform. And this after their web version, should be amazing.

I’ve enjoyed it so far. Runs fast and smooth, and helps keep the tabs a lot more organized lol.

oh, that’s new. good move indeed, it’ll be much easier with desktop app.

Well, if you’ve downloaded it already, you have your answer. Keep exploring.

Well, I think it’s a nice update. I have used the previous version also and I am pretty sure that this one is faster and smoother than that one. But I still believe that there will be a lot of traders who will keep using the previous version unless it expires and that too for no actual reason.

Yea performance is great. And TradingView has moved into the top 100 most visited websites globally, so we can expect more things from them.