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Hi, I’m new to the forex/trading world, I’m currently slowly getting through the info on baby pips, but was thinking about a more formal trading course, I have seen and spoken to Andrew Hewerdine, has anyone else used or had dealing with him or his company Learn how to trade online? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

You’ve got to accept the facts of the business trainers and writers are operating.

They can’t give away their best stuff - it would be disseminated and that’s the end of their business. In a course or book they also can’t tell you everything they know - partly for the same reason, partly also because then you would know what they know and you could set up in opposition.

So they are trapped by the business model into a position in which they are forced to make you lose money. Its not personal, its not intentionally malicious, its just business.


I think this is one of the most important facst in this business- thats also the reason, why there are no formal courses like school classes in business universities (at least not in my university) where you get the education or examen “Forex Trader”, or “Basics in Forex Trading”.
It really seems, that its all a big secret and only a few find the key to the money flow.

Hard one to answer , most courses etc are no different than what you can find free , simply look at the education here and you will save a fortune as it is really if not better than most course. Strategies again are easy to find , test a few in a demo and find one that suits the lifestyle and then if needed maybe look at a coach/mentor to fine tune your style a bit like a golf coach. I play and pretty good ,handicap 11, but still get a lesson every once in while to make a little better.

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Hey hey hey, talk for yourself!
I share 100% the systems and the strategies that I use and when I do some research, I share with my students :slight_smile:

Really don’t understand this business model :rofl:
I share my courses for $10, lifetime access, no monthly payment. If you don’t succeed, you will be stuck in my course and ask questions that I will need to reply every day. If you succeed, you get the hell out and leave me alone (just kidding, I encourage questions). So what kind of business model is that I want them not to succeed? :rofl:

Also, my results are public and so are some of my students’ results.

You sound like the exception to the rule for training providers. Which kind of proves the rule. I say nothing about your training programme, I’ve never heard anything about it one way or the other. But I’m venturing to report what I’ve experienced and witnessed and heard of concerning trading training providers and writers in general.

As far as the business model goes, what I see is that vendors selling knowledge on trading in courses or books need to keep putting new knowledge on the market, else they will only sell one item, the very first one. Which necessarily leads to the conclusion that no course or book should be expected to contain all the knowledge a new trader will ever need (with the exception of yours of course).

As far as purchasers / students not making money, here’s the logic. After fully digesting the training, the student faces 4 possible outcomes: in crudest terms these are -
get rich quick
get rich slowly
get poor slowly
go broke fast

There are no credible reports of trading training students getting rich quick because of a course they attended.

Of course, some may wipe out really quickly, but most training does at least contain some useful information. Plus, the newbies who seek training and are willing to pay for it are not the average newbie trader - they have discipline, professionalism, a business plan, willingness to learn, some spare capital and a serious outlook so I doubt they blow their accounts in Week 1.

Get rich slowly. Yes, this could be happening, but we’re not hearing from ex-students that this is the case. What can be seen of most courses suggests that this would be hard to achieve with this content alone - which is necessarily incomplete as I suggest above.

Get poor slowly
This is the ideal outcome for the vendor. The student / purchaser cannot heavily criticise the content or training, they’re not broke, they;re still in the game and with a bit more experience and knowledge they will crack this. So they buy the new book and they buy the next module of the course. They tell other traders how much they have learned: but also they intend to buy the next instalment - what a positive review! And they still nearly make it but they need more so they buy the next book and a more advanced course. for the vendor, its always easier to sell something improved to a previous customer than something completely new to a stranger.

And so it goes on.

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Eheh thanks!
Really not trying to sell my course here. Udemy takes half of it, so I’m not here to make $5 extra. You can see from the way I type that I approach the discussion with a smile and with a peaceful mindset.

It’s not necessarily like that. I believe that some courses are built with the business model you mention. I recently purchased a course after someone started a thread here on babypips. Quite expensive, usual stuff that you can find for free, and a lot of advertisement to other courses he had.
There are other traders who, in my opinion, have good stuff. Laurentiu Damir, for example, wrote a very good book “Price Action Breakdown”, and I believe that he put all he knows in that book. I really enjoyed reading it.
Then he tried to write other books. I read “50 pips a day Forex Strategy” and “Trade the Momentum” and I thought “what the heck”?! But this is a different story.
Still, if someone asks if there’s a book I recommend, I would suggest to spend $10 for Price Action Breakdown and I believe he’s not hiding anything and he doesn’t have that kind of business model.

You are talking to someone who aims for a 20% a year with his personal account. Getting rich quickly is definitely not for me :rofl:

It can also be that people don’t like to share how much they make. I personally don’t share my main account, not even with my parents (well, my dad works in the tax division, so better not!). I created different public accounts for all the strategies and systems I share on Udemy. For each account, I put £10,000 and then students can check how it evolves. For some of these accounts, I also share the investor password to access the MetaTrader and check my positions.
But my main account… that one is for me :slight_smile:

One question I would like to ask you. So do you think it is just a business model or you think they are not profitable at all and so they don’t have something that really makes money that they can sell?

Cheers for the good reply, thanks.

I think most trainers and writers have some good stuff to sell. But they’re just not selling all their good stuff. I think some of it can be very effective and I don;t think customers should object to paying someone to do a lot of collation work to drag together useful knowledge - even if its free in the public domain, its a lot of work and time to find, collate and filter. But a lot of training is ridiculously over-priced. This isn’t unique to trading - a lot of sunglasses are even worse deals.

I suspect most trainers and writers are not making or losing much money through trading and the courses and books are just a low-risk way to diversify.

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We found something to agree on :slight_smile:
Thanks for the answer.

What are your courses on Udemy? Under what name?

Who is Andrew Hewerdine?

I want to know too

Let me know what are your courses on udemy

Hey bkboy, Federico Sellitti is my name :slight_smile:

all trading is course is good just you have to practice more and more , generally we traders only depend on courses but not practice in practical , as a result good result not comes .

Is this the course and person in question?

Yes… He is the one

Don’t do it. He promises a refund if you’re unhappy then when you request it he blocks you and doesn’t respond at all. I know of a lot of others too!

I only know this much about Andrew Hewerdine that I learned through google search. I learned that he is a self taught trader. I guess this means everything he will be able to teach you would most likely be available free to everyone through the BabyPips course and other resources on the internet. The only benefit would be in paying for such a course Andrew Hewerdine believes he has packaged everything you need to learn to be successful and in a way he hopes most people will easily understand. Personally if I were to pay for a forex course (which I have done) I want the course to be designed and taught by someone who has worked for a big bank and or hedge fund and not a self taught trader. The dangers of learning from someone like Andrew Hewerdine are just too many for my liking. Wishing you all the best in your forex learning journey.

No, I wasn’t going to purchase the course. I was merely inquiring if that was the course that was being discussed in the thread.