Trendline Trading

First Take Profit Hit
Stop Loss Moved to Break Even

Balance = 3057.73

I was planning to little hedge with GBPUSD as it looks like the swing may over extend, but tbh more research is needed about hedging before i feel comfortable including this method in my trading. so i canceled it quite early and decided to stick with my original SP limit, even if it hits.
below is the result.

Balance = 3061.44

After re-evaluating my fib measurments, i decided to use the break out level as my starting position as 100% retracement landed straight on a heavy resistance area.

Second take profit was hit
3k Volume remaining active

Balance = 3092.52

P.S i regret this, was a perfect example of over thinking and not sticking to my trade plan.
fact is i had alread took alot out of this tade with my first tp level
i should have left it running with my trading plan, made alot more sense.

Take Profit hit for 75%
Trailing stop for 50 pip set

Balance = 3134.43

Stop loss hit
could have avoided this trade had i paid more attention to the weekly/monthly charts.

Balance = 3069

[B][U]Break Even hit, Trade Closed[/U][/B]

Hi guys, i’m going to let this thread die, and start another as i’ve completly changed how i’m trading.
my chart drawing were quite a bit off and didn’t want people to see the old charts on the first page.

i’ll start a new thread posting only completed trade to help keep the thread clean also.
they will include everything needed to track my progress.

Admin delete thread if possible please

Trend line trading is the step by step trading in which what ever trading we are doing it need to save all records to understand the trading strategy properly even loss or profit generated…