Truth be told, what’s the largest amount you have lost in trading forex within 1 month?

The most was $300 and would have been more but I decided to stop myself before I got carried away trying to make it back, quickly or not it was better for me to back off and take another look. Still had plenty to trade with at that time but knew it could develop into a bigger loss if I kept going.
I’m back into learning while taking smaller trades and it’s going well. I kept myself from trying to recoup the money for a bit just so I could set my head straight. That $300 was lost so fast I felt like I had gotten whipflash. It felt like it happened much quicker than on all my demo trading I had done for the last year and a half.

What makes me return back to forex is pretty simple, I’d like to be able to trade enough to just replace my current income. Which is do able for me but I’ve just got to get there first… I guess I’ll see with time and LOTS of learning, hiccups, mistakes.


wow was that all in one trade?

Here it is better to compare not by a specific amount, but by part of the deposit. I think it can show the scale of the loss more broadly.

I sure do envy you. I’m willing to wager that a lot of people reading this would love to swap places with you, lol.

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