Trying to become independent and successful

Hey guys,

My name is Patrick and I’m from Lithuania. I am completely new here in the world of trading. Almost two months, to be exact, since I’ve come across The Trading Channel on YouTube (thank you Steven, for being so easy to understand!) and developed an interest in learning how to trade and handle my money. I want to know all the ins and outs about it, so I could become successful in this game. I want to be consistent, have a good risk management, learn profitable patterns and strategies and to read the market like a professional so it could help me be profitable.

Currently I live in Lithuania and I work from home so I kind of have the flexibility to be able to pay attention to trading most of the time throughout the whole day. I’m in no rush to learn about everything though and I’m ready to take my time before using my own money. I already have NAGA demo account created where I do all of the back-testing and chart reading, but I don’t want to trade even with my virtual demo account money yet, because there is just no point in doing that before I learn all about it. I already looked at a couple of strategies and I do understand them in some way to back-test these charts, but I still feel like I need to know what I’m actually doing, I want to be able to break everything down on my own and be able to connect my own rules and make my own strategies just like those understanding them fully well.

All in all, happy to find babypips on reddit as a recommendation on where to begin, so let’s get it. And I hope everyone here is as determined as I am right now and is getting it, or will get it in the near future! Wish you all peace, love and success. :slight_smile:

Good mindset. Welcome and best of luck on your education journey.

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Wish you the best of luck with your successful forex journey. I would just advise you to be consistent in learning in any situation, start using a Demo account, and gain the best of knowledge on how to trade and understanding how the forex market works. Don’t spend more than six months on a demo account learn as much as you can so that it pays you back in a live account.

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Babypips is a great place to learn Forex mate

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