Trying to discover the PipDrug

Hi everyone, I always had problems introducing myself, never figured out where to start or finish. I’m from Italy, I’m a pharmacist and in these last months I have been studying this misterious field of pips and charts and hearth attacks. I rushed immediatly with a real account, day one, and gosh, didn’t I make a mistake…back then I didn’t even know what trading was. To make everything more complicated I used (and still using) a japanese software from a japanese broker (my wife is japanese and we are using her account in Japan). I got to say that I was lucky enough not to waste my account in no time, I had just the equivalent of a 1k euro and I wasn’t using any leverage. In one month I was -30% then Italian elections came and I was sure they were going to be a disaster (we, italians, are very good at pursuing chaos ), I went short eur/jpy and at the end of the day I was up 40%. I wasn’t proud of myself at all, still I knew nothing or less more than nothing. I have been studying hard in these last 3 months, no trading at all for the first 2 months, many books and just staring at the charts like a zombie. In this last month I tradet with caution, I was up 10% on a brand new account just after 2 weeks, a very safe leverage, stop losses at 0,5 or 1%.
Then I found myself into a bad streak and I went berserk. I wanted to recover the loss, knowing that it was just plain dumb,leverage at 25 and almost no planning, long story short, I’m back at +0,1% so I can say that I was really lucky, all this combo of mistakes didn’t leave me with many scars.

Then I found this website and it’s like forex heaven, nice people (been lurking heavily for quite a few days), i’m studying again and trying to find my way. I hope I can get one day a chance to live out of this job, I don’t plan to make bilions, just a few milions will do :57: :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to make a quick introduction, I guess I failed badly :slight_smile:

Well, nice to meet everyone, I hope I’ll stick here as long as the pip-chlorians will be with me ( fans of Star Wars know what I mean )

PS sorry for my english :slight_smile:

Hello there. First of all, your English is fine. Better than most native speakers anyway.

You’re in the right place if you want to pursue building your knowledge and understanding of how to trade profitably- which you probably already know from lurking. If you don’t have a good foundation in the basics, you may want to go through the school to ensure you’re on the same page as other traders. That way you can develop the understanding you need and understand what we’re discussing.

If you need a system, there are plenty of great options in the Free Trading Systems sub-forum here. It’s a great idea to look at already established systems so you can learn from people that trade the same way.

Also- midochlorians were such a garbage explanation. Freakin’ Lucas.