[TW] 01-23-2012 EUR/CHF (long) by lupos (...it's me!)

Eur/Chf, daily

Long or Short:

Entry Point:
at market (1.2080)

Stop Loss:

Profit Target/s:
1.2200 , 1.2300, 1.2400

Reward-to-risk Ratio:

Risk percentage:

Indicators used:
support and resistance

Trade Rationale:
Swiss bank doesn’t want eur/chf under 1.200, so my stop loss is very under this level to be shure not take spikes down.

i think in this week SNB enter to boost up euro/chf (Maybe wednesday at 15.00)

Reward-to-risk is calcolated on 1.945 stop loss but it should be calculated on 1.200… anyway… better to be pessimistic.

Trade Adjustments:
dunno… :41: