[TW] 01-23-2012 GBP/USD (long) by jawanda

Long or Short: Long setup on the Weekly chart
Entry Point: 1.5590
Stop Loss: 1.5540
Profit Target: PT1: 1.5640 ; PT2: 1.5690 ; PT2: 1.5740
Reward-to-risk Ratio: 1:1, or 2:1 or 3:1
Risk involved: 1% of account
Indicators: Support and resistance,stochaustic,rsi,trendline

Technical - potential break of trendline coming from 1.6129 dated 8-1-2011 is broken on 4hr chart. On weekly chart Regular Bullish divergence is in progress at major support level and white marubozo

Trade Adjustments:
After hitting first tp close half position of Trade

any divergence analysis with MACD standart setting on weekly?
have u look at US Dollar Index 4H n daily chart with MACD and RSI??
got any next daily support pivot and resistance for additional info?

its in your stop loss position right now

entry point is 5590 so trade is not triggered dude