[TW] 19-12-2011 XAU/USD (Long) by Moraru Cosmin

i dont know how to explain this in FX terms to look geeky…errr…smart like you guys :slight_smile:

so i ll be plain — there is only ONE real trade now — buy Gold!

go Long XAU / USD ! ! !

everything else resembles gambling more than trading…since all other currencies are in a race to the bottom, to deal with the toxic detbts

i dont say that there arent any other safe heavens, true that there are …

but unlike some fiat money which can suddenly devalue by hundreds of PIPs in a blink of an eye, XAU / XAG retain their intrinsec value

that isnt to say there wont be some type of corrective move…ofc there will be ;))

but on short, medium and long term, XAU can only go very high

some will say: XAU is a bubble …

maybe, but for it to burst, something else (the opposite! duh) has to ,stept up to the plate’’

and who s gonna…step up to the plate?

the EUR? riiiiight…with 100000 metric tons of toxic debt ?

or the US? riiiight…with tons of uneployement, people giving up, Obama doing its best to destroy USA?

or the JPY ? riiiight…with the threat of banking interventions from BoJ lurking behind every PIP ?

or the CHF? riiiight… << read Japan >>

or the Norwegian krone? perhaps…but if they value too much, expect same thing as in CHF or JPY

some shoddy ETF? ahem…

XAu is where its at baby

I guess people like you are the reason why gold is massively over valued?

In simple words, people would need to SELL their gold in order to BUY FOREX, so they can use it the money in real life to buy foods and clothes, u can PHYSICALLY buy anything with gold.

For these reason gold will crash and crash hard… if you really want to buy something worthwhile buy crude oil, cause thats where its at, no oil, no modern world.

and by the way, gold is also digged by using different machines which run on oil.

good morning, Yousuf

i m afraid you got it 180 degrees backwards!

  1. if you run a scale model comparrison between the inflation years of 80s and today, gold shuld be at 2400, not 1800 ish !

gold is still UNDER evaluated

  1. the problem isnt with traders like me…the problem is with this contest ,who can wreck his economy the best …USA / EU / Asia etc’’

there are much much bigger ,fish in the pond’’ to worry of:
[B]fish 1)[/B] this ,race to the bottom’’ for currencies, these totally unnatural market interventions, which prevent the markets from doing what they - SHOULD - be doing best —> reflect their performances in their currencies

[B]fish 2)[/B] the zombie banks beeing kept shuffling their rotting ,feet’’ along, on taxpayers money (and adversely, jobs)
how many Himalayas of money have been wasted on these, by now please…?!?

in a normal capitalism ecosistem, these banks SHOULD be allowed to fail, and their resources re-circulated via the bankruptcy and judicial re-organisation acts 

i heard of fewer more retarded things, than saving a [U]PRIVATELY[/U]  (as in as privately as a donut shop on the corner ...) enterprise, which, other than paying taxes and respecting the general terms of the law,  [U]has NO OTHER obligations to anyone[/U]

yet, here we are, throwing huuuge mountains of people s cash and savings at them …and what do the banks do ?

instead of starting the cycle, they HOARD the money and thumb our noses…and righfully so !!!
we are are the idiots, for allowing them to be saved!

we should have learned iceland’s lesson …

[U] it seems you forgot what capitalism is all about ------ > PRIVATE investors LIVE OR DIE by their hand![/U]
in other words…too big to phail — the most retarded catch phrase of the century

so with these happening, resulting in currencies articially beeing weaker or …err…less weaker…does this seem like an honest market to you reflecting honest conditions?

[B]fish 3)[/B] there are cunrrely more reservers of gold than in circulation by a looong shot !
   if you look it up abit, you ll see that for now, gold is still way way under traded!

   99% of it, is still hoarded by central banks / largs institutions ...... we re no way near a proper gold bubble!!!!

   but the joke money bubble is really to the limit though  

[B]fish 4) [/B]people s NORMAL wish for some defence against the loss of value of their money and savings
since the joke-money, errr…fiat money we trade, have little more value than the Monopoly money from that game, do you wonder why people buy loads of gold ?!?

who is to blame…the normal folk who jus twants to have some defense for his/hers savings …or the wreckless iresponsability that led to this mess anyway ?!?

[B]you seem to forget that Gold / silver were the original money millenia before dollar, euro etc![/B]

you can easily print 20 trillion $, buit not 20 trillion worth of gold!!!

gold/silver retain their intrinsec value REGARDLESS of how the joke-money, err fiat money are doing !

not to mention, that so far, no proper replacement has been found for gold and silver, and without these, i doubt we would have over 99% of the civilization, in terms of technology, medicine and standards of living

[B] fish 5)[/B] in a pinch, oil can be tottally replaced with various new burning bio oils, and btw…the water engine has been arround since the 20s !!!

also, read up on Biefeld Brown effect - the perfect scientific base for a non burning engine, using the graviton effect of electricity

PRACTICAL example: Costa Rica, Norway etc countries with much much less dependendcy on oil and still functioning beautifully

did you knew that in 2015, Norway plaons to make the purchase of normal petrol ran vehicles, much harder?

sorry dude...you are grossly missinformed!

oil we can do without …gold - no friggin’ chance, unless you fancy a return to the dark ages

END: now i hope you understand why you got it all backwards …
you should thank me for the heads up

With everyone wanting to buy gold I’m sure this is the reason why it will fall. The people who have the big accounts can easily see that the market sentiment is to buy so to rip off the retail accounts they will simply short it (for now)… So unless you have a large margin and you plan on holding gold for the long term it’s a good investment but short term the steam is running low and it has to retrace back down.

Then again I could be wrong :D… Still fairly new to this


i wrote several replies, but the system didnt accept them !

anyway …

the % of retail gold traders is much much lower than the % of retail traders for the other currencies.

if they (wall street crooks & co) wanna go after us and wreck our pathetic accounts, they ll have to get by:

  • FED (who will never let $ get back to strenght, as thats what would happen, if XAU declines significantly)
  • Asia (China, Japan, etc are buying this stuff more than crack addicts buying d.r.ug.s.)
  • huge corporations, ETFs, large hedge funds also buying it en masse

we are smaller than amoebas in this ecuation … it would be like going after a fly, with a cannon :stuck_out_tongue:

and besides…didnt you got the corporate memo ?
the currencies are in a race to the bottom …not to the upside!

overkill on scale of 1 to 100000 :slight_smile:

EDIT: just made about 100 E this morning (monday morning) … :smiley: