[TW] 2012-08-06 GBP/USD Long by Jabroni

Long or Short: LONG

Entry Point: entered at market (1.5515)

Stop Loss: 1.5450

Profit Target/s: 1.5700

Reward-to-risk Ratio: more than 2.5:1

Risk percentage: 1%

Trade rationale: mostly a technical trade based on the medium-term range. i think tonight’s nfp report could also spur a bit of risk taking if it comes in disappointingly

Trade adjustments: i might exit early if the rally isn’t sustained

oh man if only you posted this early. 130 pips :frowning:

If only he posted what early. HE posted it too early oderwise that wouldn’t have been his post am sure because price move as high as 1.5600 on friday. He posted the trade set up b4 the close of friday market

Er I know that?

Yep i cant understand why people post the trade of the week entries before markets close. Half of them each week are not valid anymore. Seems a waste of time entering to me!